Track record since I began my scientific career. The join of effort of the research group aims to expand our knowledge about Caspase function, and consequently the list of original publications.


A toolkit to generate inducible and interconvertible Drosophila transgenes

Franz Wendler, Sangbin Park, Claire Hill, Alessia Galasso, Kathleen R. Chang, Iman Awan, Yulia Sudarikova, Mar Bustamante, Sichen Liu, Ethan Sung, Gabrielle Aisabonoko, Seung K. Kim, Luis Alberto Baena-Lopez.

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Non-Lethal Message from the Holy Land: The first International Conference on Non-Apoptotic Roles of Apoptotic Proteins.

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Widespread non-apoptotic activation of Drosophila Caspase-2/9 limits JNK signaling, macrophage proliferation, and growth of wound-like tumors. 

Derek Cui Xu, Kenneth M. Yamada, Luis Alberto Baena-Lopez. bioRxiv 2020. 07.27.223404; 

doi: In revision.

Non-apoptotic caspase activation sustains ovarian somatic stem cell functions by modulating Hedgehog-signalling and autophagy

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Non‐apoptotic caspase activation preserves Drosophila intestinal progenitor cells in quiescence

Lewis Arthurton, Dominik Antoni Nahotko, Jana Alonso, Franz Wendler, Luis Alberto Baena-Lopez

bioRxiv 707380; doi: The previous link corresponds to first draft of the manuscript; the final version was accepted for publication


Lessons in genome engineering: opportunities, tools and pitfalls

Ingrid Poernbacher, Sam Crossman, Joachim Kurth, Hisashi Nojima, Alberto Baena-Lopez, Cyrille Alexandre, Jean-Paul Vincent

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Novel initiator caspase reporters uncover previously unknown features of caspase-activating cells

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Learning on the fly: The interplay between Caspases and Cancer

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All about the caspase-dependent functions without cell death.

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Non-apoptotic Caspase regulation of stem cell properties.

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